GenomePixelizer Examples


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GenomePixelizer List of Examples:

1. NBS, P450, PK-LRR clustering in Arabidopsis genome

2. NBS, P450, PK-LRR clustering on the background of duplication events in Arabidopsis genome

3. A.thaliana - C.elegans P450 relationship within genomes

4. A.thaliana - C.elegans P450 relationship between genomes

5. Other numerous examples may be found on Arabidopsis RGenes Database at NIBLRRS genomics

6. Mapping of legume nodulins on the Arabidopsis genome at

7. Fine dissection of segmental duplications in Arabidopsis genome. Arabidopsis Genome Duplications

8. Supplemental Data to paper "Genome Wide Analysis of NBS-LRR Encoding Genes in Arabidopsis".

9. Genome-wide detection of segmental duplications and potential assembly errors in the human genome sequence.

10. Conserved Ortholog Set (COS) Markers candidates for Lettuce, Sunflower, Tomato and Corn.

11. Human Chromosome 7: DNA Sequence and Biology. Science , Vol. 300, Issue 5620, 767-772, May 2, 2003.

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